3 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Pipe Welding Before Leaving Welding School

Some of the best pipe welding work is building power plants. Some of the best power plant work is building nuclear power plants. Why? And is there a future in it?

The USA currently produces about 22% of all manufactured goods on the planet. The USA reached it’s all-time manufacturing peak as expressed as a percentage of world production in 2006!

However, as Read more here tools and techniques get better and better, the need for post weld heat treatment diminishes a bit. Butt welding is a great example of technology that isn’t completely dependent on post weld heat treatment.

Nuclear power plant construction is well know as the place to be for a pipe welder. The money to build the plants is big. Mistakes can be very costly, so more money is spent on planning, safety, comfort, and on the help. Quality is always wanted over saving time.

Setting up of the welding machine can be done in two ways. The first is following the electrodes manufacture’s recommended amperage range for that electrode. For putting in a root pass with an E6010 you need to start in the very low end of the recommended amperage setting. From there you need to run a short bead on the root so that you can tweak the amperage setting till it is just right. The second way is done by taking a piece of scrap metal and setting the welder just hot enough to barely weld without sticking. The second way is how I like to set up my machine and it typically get the machine set just right without having to tweak it to many times.

Why not Minot, (North Dakota)? You’ll find out. Just be sure you take every warm piece of clothing you ever got in your life (and ask your mom for your baby blanket back too). Why? because you’ll be putting it all on at one time. Temperatures can be 40 degrees Fahrenheit, BELOW zero. North Dakota isn’t the only place there is work or will soon be work. The big pipeline from Canada to Texas will start up soon, and you are likely to see demand for pipe welders explode.

Missouri welding training is available at many places around the state. Associate’s degrees usually takes approximately two years to attain. Other vocational schools offer certification programs which might take only 11 to 18 weeks for basic training.

Other welders, your family, and a whole bunch of other people who think they know better than you will tell you, “You can’t do it.” Screw that! Start telling yourself right now, you CAN do it. If you set out the plan, it will happen. When you set a definite plan in motion – almost like magic, another bunch of people appear and help you make your plan a reality. This is the truth.

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