6 Things We Can Learn From The Apprentice About Management And Leadership

Search the Internet and you will millions of hits on sales training. Browse any book store and find hundreds of books on sales training from Zig Ziglar to Jeff Gitomer. So with all of this wealth of information, why isn’t most sales training effective? Why does it not deliver the desired results?

And, make certain the company embraces the philosophy of building their curriculum around providing a new skill set to ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world, where you can learn to sell ANYTHING in the world. A company with a curriculum that will educate you on how to sell online – whether you have a product or business already, or not.

Ok, that’s the first law of the industry. Get into the beginning of a company. How do you know if it’s the beginning? Generally if a company hasn’t hit hyper-growth by its 8th or 9th year it isn’t going to happen. When the business has a stronger focus on finding new team members you might be in the foundation. Generally as a company begins to hit hyper-growth the products become popularized and a larger portion of the volume of sales come from customers and return customers instead of new team members.

That one thing is the underlying foundation that causes the potential and sets the stage for success. That thing (or those things perhaps I should say) are VALUES!

#2: FULL COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM. Make certain the curriculum provides learning on: the free marketing tactics, the paid tactics, provides the specialists to learn from (E.g., SEO, Google, Personal Branding, Video Marketing), includes coaching on Proteus Leadership skills, covers “click-by-click” training for the newbies, and provides associations with alliances for outsourcing.

Could you be this type of leader? Absolutely? All it will take is changing some of your behaviors. In a future article, I’ll cover exactly what some of those key behaviors are.

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