A Secret Weapon For IAS preparations

Preparing for civil services exam can prove to be quite a demanding and unachievable job for many aspirants, but it is merely the same as preparing for any additional qualifying entry that’s held throughout the country today. For preparation, it is important that you know the IAS syllabus of these optional topics that you have chosen; you have to have organized the novels for the exact same and should surely have produced notes that may help u in long term to revise the IAS syllabus.

The notes you prepare must be written clearly in addition to in a perfect sequence, so you could refer to them in future. You will find varied procedures to prepare notes that include Linear Notes, Voice Notes and Pattern Notes.

These kinds of notes may prove to be really helpful and making them is quite easy as while preparing linear notes from book, the content is already organized properly in the book. But, there is 1 drawback of the method that while creating notesthe students end up in copying the bookish language that proves to be fatal sometimes and defeats the purpose of condensing the issue at one place.

The right way to make use of this way is using loose sheets set of exercise novel as it is easier to keep adding information. Leaving space between notes may help to incorporate your notes with additional information in future. In order to make these notes look attractive you can utilize unique colors, Fonts, capital letters, boxes and highlighting whenever necessary. This will draw your attention at certain content while preparing.

Pattern Notes- these sorts of notes are created as a pattern with the beginning of the topic written at the middle of the page. Just like the beams of sunlight, every line radiating from the primary thought is composed in a succinct way with using phrase or a keyword. This method may prove to be greater than the linear approach as one can add more information without any hurdle of distance. Additionally, the whole pattern can be viewed at a single go, without turning pages. Moreover, you may indicate links between different topics readily compared to linear notes method.

One more plus-point of routine notes is that it creates excellent utilization of memory for revision since the aspirants keep jotting down points as they appear.

Voice Notes- Finally, talking of voice notes, this can be a new way of preparing notes, since it needs a computer and net connection. There are websites that offer clippings of classroom prep for Indian Administrative Service, this way; you will use your sensory organs that will help u remember this for quite a while.

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