Do You Need To Get A Hearing Aid?

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, you’ll likely need a hearing aid to correct the problem. There are many different types of hearing aids that you can use. Each one is used to treat varying levels of hearing loss. This article will discuss the different types of hearing aids.

Pure tone air conduction audiometry. Patients listen to a range of beeps and whistles (called pure tones) and indicate when they can hear them, by pressing a button or raising their hand. The softest sounds they can hear (hearing thresholds) are then marked on a graph called an audiogram.

Behind-the-nano hearing are suitable to be used for all degrees of hearing loss. Another good point is that it can be inconspicuous, since it doesn’t give that “plugged-up” feeling in your ears.

The unit we chose has a portable carrying / charging case that not only plugs in… it takes batteries too, so you can charge your device no matter where you are.

The BTEs are made to last and are dependable. Plus it’s a great idea for a child who may need a hearing aid. The mold can easily be fixed for a growing ear, where the other options are a bit harder to fix.

Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing device is largely concealed in the ear canal. The very small size limits the operational ease of a volume control, limits the size of the battery and makes it more difficult to handle when not in the ear. The small size does however get the device further in the ear and closer to the ear drum. Because the microphone is deeper in the ear the outer ear has more chance to do its job, so for many the device sounds more natural.

Immediately contact your doctor if you suddenly notice that sounds are difficult to hear again. He or she may be able to calibrate your aid differently. You may even need a new one. You will not know this information unless you make the appointment.

Telephone Adapters: This technology uses a telecoil which attaches to your telephone. It blocks out background noise so that you can hear the other end of the telephone better. The phone must be adaptable, and cordless phones and cell phones are usually not.

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