How To Read Sheet Music – Pitch

Today, a beat maker is a big part of being able to make great beats. But it’s not the only key. For you to be able to make beats you must understand all the fundamental concepts behind making beats. Of course, to generate great sounding beats you do need to have a good ear for music. You must understand rhythm and the basic foundations of the type of music you are making. For example, the bass-line and undertone for each style of music is different.

But what I did not realize at the time was that a break can actually make things work better and give you more perspective. While on your break you are more likely to think of an amazing new guitar hook or a lyric that is going to resonate deeply with your fans.

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In order for you to play smooth and eventually professional sounding, your fingers must be relaxed. Flex your fingers regularly to loosen up the joints, and practice moving your fingers across the keys in a smooth and relaxed manner.

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TF: I did some background vocals on it. I haven’t been privy to all the tracks but from the ones I’ve heard it’s nothing short of amazing. In my opinion the only difference I see is that it’s TSO all year long now.

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