Leadership Mistakes Ordinary Husbands Make

As the excitement builds, websites across the Internet start posting team previews and this will be no different. I will unveil three per week, leading up to a Halloween release date of the regular season predictions.

Just like each of us when we begin a purchase a decision for a new car, television, appliance or home. We don’t want to hear the hype, we want just the facts. So why should we expect our own customers to want hype from us?

Ok, that’s the first law of the industry. Get into the beginning of a company. How do you know if it’s the beginning? Generally if a company hasn’t hit hyper-growth by its 8th or 9th year it isn’t going to happen. When the business has a stronger focus on finding new team members you might be in the foundation. Generally as a company begins to hit hyper-growth the products become popularized and a larger portion of the volume of sales come from customers and return customers instead of new team members.

Having established some base line data, re-visit your product/service level/commercial term offerings and re-package them to better appeal. It never ceases to amaze me just how much many customers will buy a lesser product offering for a higher price simply due to better service, add-ons (as part of a bundle) or commercial terms.

Finding the right Network Marketing company is crucial for your MLM success. If the company is not right for you, then you will probably never make much money promoting it. You need a company with a great compensation plan, a kick ass product and Executive Training Group that will inspire you to go to great lengths to succeed. Finding great leadership, a great product and comp plan is not all that easy.

How do you know its working? You feel hopeful and begin to expect the new success you want. Your feelings (and point of attraction) shifted from doubt to expectation.

You also need to find a company with great leadership, with founders who are dedicated to the success of you and the company. Most importantly of all in my opinion is the product. If you don’t have a product that appeals to the global population, then no matter how great the comp plan or leadership may be, the product wont sell. Which means no one will join an opportunity if they are paying $99.99 for a jar or dirt each month. Even if they can make a full time income by sponsoring 1 person, people just wont join if they don’t like the product. So, when looking for a Network Marketing company, you need to look for great leadership, a lucrative compensation plan and a product with global appeal.

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