Mistakes To Avoid With Your Website

What is keyword density and what effect does it have on your search engine rank? And better yet, how do you know if you’ve got too many or too few of your keywords on your web site?

Keyword is very important in search engine. Keyword actually get you the traffic that come to your site. First find out the keywords that is most sought after ina search engine. Choose the related keywords for use in your scraping prevention. Use these keywords in the content, tags, headings.

PLR products may be difficult to resell. A lot of other people would purchase the same product, and each one of them would be your competitor. Imagine if 2,000 people have purchased the same PLR product, you’d have 1,999 businesses competing for the same market.

SpyFu allows you to spy on your competitors and follow their every move. It is true that SpyFu, just like Compete and Keyword Spy, is not completely accurate. But it does provide enough valuable information to make the service worth using. SpyFu is a powerful niche finding tool as well. You can track the trends across industries to find hot niches.

If your website uses flash or java to enable website navigation, make sure that you use the technology carefully as you may find that some search engines are unable to follow the links and as a result will not list most of your website pages within their search engine listings.

Next we come to what is called meta tags. I know this sounds like something out of science fiction, but it is really just simple code. Many people believe that meta tags are the key to high search engine rankings, but in reality, they only have a limited effect. Still, it’s worth adding them in the event that a search engine will use meta tags in their ranking formula.

Lastly you can prevent people from simply doing a copy and paste of your content. if you use WordPress, they have a plug-in that you can download to your blog. The plug-in is wp-copyprotect.plugin. If you do not have a WordPress platform, you will need to use a javascript code embedded in your site to help prevent copy and pasting of your work.

There are other similar so called content protection methods, but I firmly believe that there’s no point to try to protect your content using any of them. It’s just a waste of time. If someone really wants your website content, no matter you do, there’s no way to prevent them from stealing.

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