Network Marketing Leads And How To Find Them

Almost every one these days is looking for a way to supplement their income or just out-right make money from home doing what they love to do, instead of drumming through a repetitive lifestyle of the every day working class citizen. Some want to make Millions, while others just want to supplement or replace their income all together. And of course the internet is the most readily available source to achieve this goal.

Make sure that in your Clickfunnels you sell high ticket products and also setup a powerful backend marketing system that will make you money on autopilot for a long time to come. Your backend funnel is something that will determine your long term income and this will take your ebiz to new heights. This is where real money lies and if you miss this step your income potential will get down to zero…

At this point you have identified your customers, identified the solution you are going to sell, and identified the products you are going to use to sell the solution.

We have to change how we talk about leads. Inquiries are not leads. People wanting free stuff are not leads. Neither are those “coveted” lists or files of names. Calling these “leads” borders on insulting.

Now, these are fantastic people. They are simply making a very common mistake when it comes to attraction marketing and they left the attraction part out.

The best leads are those you have received through a referral. When you receive a qualified referral, you are pre-sold. You have credibility and trust. Your sales time shortens. And, you ace out the competition. When you’ve been referred, you get a new client more than 50 percent of the time. Get more referrals and get these results.

I also love the vision Stuart Ross and the other ‘SFM’ leaders pursue. They really want to change things and I’m very proud to be part of that change.

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