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Hidden Pond Nature Center in Springfield is planning a full day of winter related activities on Monday, January 3, just as the holidays are over and we face the realities of post-holiday winter.

The huge black bear had become a fixture in the area. This bear had been adopted by many area residents and even had become an unofficial mascot of one local restaurant. One resident had remembered how he had been feeding the bear for nearly 17 years since it was a cub. The bear was also frequently seen in dumpsters in the area and had even been fed ice cream by others. Yet one must wonder if these interactions that the bear had with others, led to its death.

Pay attention to the extras that are added in with picnic baskets. You might find wine glasses and a corkscrew for a romantic toast. A cheese knife and cutting board would give them the tools to complete the snack. If they wanted to go all out and have a meal, they could use plates, flatware, and cloth napkins. Stainless steel salt and pepper shakers add a nice touch. It is more common to find picnic baskets with service for two. Perhaps that is because of the romance often associated with picnics. However, families also like to take picnics. You can easily find baskets with service for four.

Or come out to Laurel Hill State Park for a special hike. Enjoy the Lake Trail Hike on Saturday, September 10 from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. During the hike along the Lake Trail you will learn about the Leave No Trace Principles. Bring some money to enjoy lunch at the Trenthouse Inn during the hike. Meet at the Lake Trail trailhead.

Get Outside- ubf isn’t just for relaxing; it’s the perfect opportunity to learn new things. Use a camping trip to teach first aid skills, natural food chain identification, harmful plants and insects, and fire safety. Pick up new skills for the entire family by trying canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, or other outdoor sports that can be adjusted to fit any level of skill.

What the trout are feeding on is anyone’s bet and most of the time you’re faced with figuring that out when you get to the stream. On a warm early spring day you might be lucky enough to take advantage of an insect hatch and be able to cast some dry flies. But most likely you’re going to be using something below the surface like a nymph. A quick stop at fly shop would be recommended. Local anglers make frequent stops at such places to stock up on flies and talk about their successes. Cabela’s in Owatonna and Gander Mountain in Rochester are two good stops. Visiting with the personnel at Whitewater State Park may also be beneficial.

November 13, 1pm: Off-Trail Exploration at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park. Take a 6-mile off-trail hike to remote areas of the park not regularly seen by visitors. Don’t forget to bring water and a snack, as if previous hikes of this type are any indication, you will need them.

Skiing and snowboarding, fishing, zip lines, camping, whitewater rafting, caving and rock climbing, cycling, running and more can all be found in West Virginia and it’s all right next door. So check your calendar and look for a weekend to spend in wild and wonderful West Virginia soon.

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