Should My Home Theater System Be Wireless?

Getting your home stereo or home theater system sounding great can be frustrating, but there is one component that can really help make your music and movies sound magical…the audio equalizer. An equalizer gives you control over different parts of the frequency spectrum. Having the ability to adjust certain “bands” or groups of frequencies allows you to adjust the sound in relation to the system it is played through or the room it is played in.

Experience. Creating the right ambiance for gaming or for viewing movies depends on the layout of your room. Give yourself the allotted spacing for the surround sound system and optimize the viewing settings on your television. There are DVDs that explain how to set up and optimize your television, and often your sound system has a test to detect if the sound is right. You could put in a small snack area in your home theater room that includes a beverage station or small refrigerator. You could also put a popcorn machine and microwave in close proximity to snack while you watch. If you have a nice television set or projector, high definition players would be great to enhance the detail and experience.

Testing-There are certain things that you need to consider in order to create the best sound and produce the best visuals without harming your senses.After the set-up you should try to see how things go.The visuals should be near enough for you to see a good picture.Also try to listen for the optimum sound quality.

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Bass has the biggest sound effect of all the parts of the home theater experience. Surround sound is a must, but when bass cranks up, people can feel it. Bass can make the difference between being just okay or you home Theater really Rocks! Though getting good bass in a home isn’t easy as low frequencies are reason for proper reproduction of both music and videos.

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As a 2.0 system, the MM-1 sits small. Each speaker is just 6.7 inches high and 3.9 inches wide. Each unit includes a 3 inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter. On the right speaker, you’ll find four 18-watt Class D amplifiers – two for the right speaker, two for the left. You can connect the B&W MM-1 to your computer via a USB cable. To make the system “audiophile proof”, the USB cable runs through a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that increases the output of the woofers and smoothens out the sound.

The universal remote control – A universal remote operates all the functions your receiver provides – channel changing, recording, picture formatting, sound quality, and a host of other functions. Universal remotes can also operate your TV, VCR, and other electronic devices such as a stereo or home theater system.