The 5 Most Important Designer Fashion Accessories Every Woman Must Have

This may just be a piece of cloth but there’s no way denying its power to give classy styles on women’s garments. I believe you too have your own scarves collection. Ever wondered why women’s scarf had blossomed to be one of the most-used accessories in the world and how did this fashion accessory came to life?

Scarves can be tied around the waist as a traditional belt or as a side-knotted belt. As the traditional belt, a scarf can be folded and inserted into the loops of the jeans and then tied in front. The other style looks like a sash where the scarf is tied over a dress and then tied at the side to for a more fabulous look.

If you are going for a sexy, but classy look, try wearing a low-cut sleeveless top, accented with an over sized shawl. The top in a cold summer feel and a cozy scarf offers an ideal instance of harmony and contrast mixture.

Bangles: Worn on the wrist, bangles are believed to be protective bands and women always wore them as symbolic guards over their husbands. As with other ornaments, bangles today are worn by women of all ages all over India and are made of silver, gold, wood, glass, and plastic, among other materials.

Taking care of the womens watches that may suit your shorts is also an important point here. The best thing is to minimize your accessories and to keep it as simple as possible. You can go with a simple narrow belt made of metal or leather. High heel shoes would look great but in case you require a hipster look, flat footwear and sandals will do. If you need to carry a handbag, keep it shorter strapped. For jewelry, go for simple chains and large earrings.

These shorts can be worn by people with different body shapes but those who have hourglass body, straight or even apple shape body would look the best with this piece. Just make sure you know what your body type is, then you can bring yourself a nice pair of these shorts. In order to buy the perfect pair of shorts, you have to make sure if you need to buy it for all dressed up style or casual style. Once you buy these short, you have to follow certain rules. The main point is that you have to accentuate them. For this, you need to wear shirts which can be tucked in, or you can go with fitter tops and short tops. You can pair these with ruffle tops, blazers and even cardigans, in case you want to give it a fancy look.

Keep ’em guessing. That’s half the fun. You can shop economically, build a fabulous-and unique-teen apparel wardrobe- and have a blast while doing it. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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