The Best Social Media Marketing With These Ideas

Traditionally, resumes were handed out in person or sent through the mail. Later, people were able to fax their resume to companies. Today, you can add emailing, posting online, and creating a resume website to the list, as well as distributing it to headhunters and employment agencies.

A common goal of content marketing is to increase website traffic, so let’s use this as an example to outline a strategy. Here are pieces that you may include in your content marketing strategy.

Tell them what you’d like: Why do you want to connect with them? What are you looking for and what are you offering in return. Is it simply that you feel it would be a good relationship. Are you looking for specific information or are you interested in meeting with by phone or in person?

Find like minded people and make plenty of connections, use social media like twitter, MySpace, Facebook and use Facebook groups in your market or close to your market, linkedin, blog’s and any other social networking site you can think of.

Social media is very vital. Several years ago social media looked like a flash in the pan. These days, however, it is plain that social media something that won’t go away. Make sure that your business as well as you have Facebook accounts. Likewise, it’s essential to have Jeff Machin profiles and profiles in all of the other social media websites that relate best to your interests and/or your niche. People are more comfortable commenting and making contact through social media nowadays than they do in email or other forms of communication.

A few extra tips worth mentioning linkedin profiles try to make all your articles and updates even if they ARE only characters or less as un-spammy as they can be. Remember that social media’s primary use isn’t to SELL your products/services – social media is meant to give your business a face, and to give you a means to touch base with your followers.

Times are tough, budgets are strapped (not one of those enlightening tidbits, I know). A small investment in social media strategy and education will facilitate the ongoing use of tools that are free. Your recurring cost can be limited to only time. It shocks me how many businesses still take out classifieds, TV ads, radio ads; advertising the majority of the population simply tunes out. Save excess funds, allocate a smaller portion to social media education, and then run with your new model on a budget while capturing more business! Not to discount those modalities completely, but track metrics to see what is truly bringing you ROI.

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The Best Social Media Marketing With These Ideas

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