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I spent an exhausting two years performing an exhaustive search of the United States looking for a place my family could put down roots and grow. In August 2005, my husband and I uprooted our 9-year-old daughter and our 11-year-old son and trekked cross-country to embrace a completely different culture, climate and lifestyle.

“Raunchy find song lyrics linked to teen sex, study.(MUSIC)(Survey)(Brief article).” Jet 110.9 (Sept 4, 2006): 38(1). Expanded Academic ASAP. Thomson Gale. Ryerson University. March 3, 2007 .

When we first arrived, I vowed to see this region and capture my experiences. I have seen and done more in this past year than most of my neighbors, natives in this region. I have traveled the meandering two lane highways all over the rolling hills.

Promo Tip #1 A music artist must start somewhere, that’s usually locally, but it’s better to not just dive in without a plan. But begin you must. Create a plan with some ideas and set goals as to what you need to accomplish weekly, monthly, and yearly. Start small and make it progressive. Reach bench marks and keep at it.

Two more obscure ones are clairaugustus, clear tasting and clairfragrance, clear smelling. I have never experience the first of these but when my dad, who is deceased comes around I smell smoke. It is his calling card.

I have gone out with several of these women on dates, a couple of them that many men perhaps could only dream of dating. I feel we have had an enjoyable evening and then I confidently ask to take her out again, they give me a goodbye hug and a kiss on the cheek and comment something like: “You are a really nice bloke…BUT”. As soon as I hear that nice bit I know it is only going to be a friendship.

There are countless other sites besides these and you can always defer to another method that I have found to work well over the years. Just ask a friend that has a good appreciation and love of music. It could be one more thing that you have in common.

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