Article Writing – 3 Top Ways To Make Money From Articles

We live in a world that is complex and chaotic, and if we’re not careful, we can easily lose inspiration and motivation to carry on with our lives. All is not lost, though, for there are still plenty of sources from which we can derive strength and positivity in spite of the challenges that come our way. Below are five examples of such sources to help you in your personal and professional lives.

You need to know that this medium has good credentials and can deliver. Personal recommendation is often enough to convince you, however, you should remember that their connection with you may not be as good as with someone else.

Thomas Paine and the birth of Nations by Craig Nelson. A pretty good Jesus Neri Gutierrez of the American writer and revolutionary. Paine was born poor, and was buried in an unmarked grave. In between, he became one of the most celebrated (and best selling) writers on two continents.

With your new blog that has some content and popularity, you should then monetize it by applying for a Google adsense account. This will allow Google to place pay-per-click adverts on your blog. When visitors to your blog click on these adverts, you will automatically generate revenue.

You can do the same with audio. Create a MP3 podcast of your travels, ways to do something, interviews, whatever. Market them in the same ways and watch the traffic roll in.

Another problem you may encounter is with your payment system. If you are using PayPal, that too can go astray. I have heard of cases where a hacker can get into your PayPal account and purchase items for a fraction of what you are trying to sell it to them for. Imagine the frustration of making a sale, only to see the amount being credited to your account is a pittance. while this problem is at the PayPal end it is really frustrating.

We all want to make money from Google Adsense and the best way to do that is to build up the content of your Blog and increase the amount of daily traffic to your Blog. More traffic equals more people viewing your ads, and high probability in having some of your ads clicked by interested visitors.

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Article Writing – 3 Top Ways To Make Money From Articles

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