Learn Easy Mentalism Tricks

Magic has entertained audiences for over 100 years. Most people like magic because it brings smiles, wonder, and sometimes fear into the lives of many. Mentalist tricks can be performed in the street, at parties, or for personal effects. Even the biggest stage magicians are expected by the public to be able to perform miracles of magic. Many feel magic tricks are the foundation of all magical skills. Below I have compiled a few things to keep in mind when observing or performing simple mentalism tricks or mentalist tricks.

CSI (CBS, 9pm) – NEW! Serial killer Nate Haskell kidnaps Ray’s ex-wife and leaves a message written in blood for Ray. Guest starring Bill Irwin and Tracee Ellis Ross.

Justified (FX, 10pm) – NEW! Raylan is in hot pursuit of Dewey Crowe, who’s staging a one-man crime spree after a run-in with an organ-harvesting ring. Meanwhile, Boyd squares off against a new foe.

Castle (ABC, 10pm) – NEW! Castle and Beckett work with the CIA as they hunt a killer who’s connected to an international conspiracy, and the case reunites Castle and a female CIA agent with whom he shares a past.

One of the worst sins our Christians church’s today is, we have a controlling sprit in most of our churches, if not all, and it can be seen especially in the smaller churches. We have people who are controlled by these sprits, and the most of them are generational sprits that are passed down from grandpa and grandma, from member to member, and have been in the churches for ages. Statistics say 10 churches close their doors everyday, and one of the main reasons is these spirits. There are many: pride, humanism, judge Mentalist, criticism, jealously, hatred, and one of the big ones is ownership. People feel like they own the church.

Body of Proof (ABC, 10pm) – NEW! A stabbing rocks the Philadelphia suburbs, and makes Megan recall her father’s death. Meanwhile, Megan pulls car-pool duty with the hard-to-impress Lacey and her girlfriends and Kate consults in a pro bono case with Megan’s ex-husband.

Doctors – Grey’s Anatomy and ER are perfect examples. Both of these shows are highly popular. Grey’s Anatomy is still on air, ER ran for over a decade and during that time never dropped out of the top 20.

Kelly’s best advice- we should consider our risk tolerance and time horizon. If the market bothers us, we shouldn’t be in it. If the market doesn’t bother us, then we don’t need to pay attention. Look at that! Turns out, we know more about this market stuff than we thought.

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