Purepoint Golf Instruction Driver Golf Slice And Driver Golf Swing Instruction

Thanks for taking the time to read my Mizuno MP-69 Ironsreviews, as I hope I can give you some insight and assistance on you future possible purchase of Mizuno MP-69 Irons clubs. Just for some background information so that you know what kind of golfer is testing these, here is my profile- I am 6 feet tall, 250 lbs; I have a 110 MPH club speed, and I have a steep downswing towards impact. I play blades for my own personal set, and I am a 5 handicap. I play standard loft, lie and length, with xstiff shafts in all of my clubs. I am now using a Levitee Glove, and if you haven??t tried one of these then you re literally leaving easy strokes and consistency out of your game. So without further adieu, here are my thoughts on theIrons.

Now you’re saying, “Hm, I want a piece of that. I’d better get some golf balls and clubs and hit the course.” Ah, such a common mistake. What did you forget? Shoes!!

What I’m talking about now is taking a series of lessons. From the same teaching pro. Don’t make the mistake of bouncing from one teacher to another. It’s the same waste of money as buying one book or swing gimmick after another. Stick with one teacher. Get to know his or her style and let your teacher get to know your swing.

So, word of mouth is one way. Calling your local CLUBSPORT association (PGA, etc.) and asking for a recommendation is another method. You can search online or check the yellow pages. Ask your golfing buddies.

Pretty simple, but it does work wonders. The key to success in most sports is removing tension. Physical prowess is more often determined by the ability to relax a muscle than contract it. The world’s fastest 100 meter sprinters have the fastest muscle relaxation times. Remove tension and you’ll play better golf.

Build a personal and professional network of support. Work hard, be honest, stay connected and say thanks. These are so basic, so easy and so very important.

Do you have strong network of support? Are you stretching and growing in your personal and professional life? Have you had a deep belly laugh in the past month? Can you ‘turn off work’ when you get home?

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Purepoint Golf Instruction Driver Golf Slice And Driver Golf Swing Instruction

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