Where Can You Buy Tournament Chess Sets?

A chess set is a challenge. Its very existence provides for a battle of wits that can actually have a defined winner, and a defined loser. It is a call to arms for anyone who enters a space. As such, it has a certain power that other pieces may lack. It is a force in a room, an immediate attention grabbing piece that elevates the style and sophistication of a space.

Does this ancient game have relevance in our fast-paced modern world? I would say that it does. Too often, we see childhoods frittered away in front of television and game consoles. Perhaps there is a social aspect to some of this if you are playing video games against human adversaries, but generally it is isolating. Television is generally mindless and only mildly informative (while frequently misleading). Video games can have some skill-development benefits but they develop different skills than Chess develops.

It is always a good idea to know a little about the history of your chess sets. Every set has a story, particularly antique sets made by notable chess manufacturers. Not only does it make a great caption for your set but it also adds to the lore of your collection. People who aren’t into chess might be drawn into it due to your efforts to gather your collection’s history.

A luxury chess board can be made from many different materials. Two opposing shades of wood – walnut and oak for example – can be made into a chess board which usually has a highly polished finish. Other materials commonly used are glass, metal and ivory.

The Firefighters United Kingdom has chess pieces that look like male fighters, female firefighters, a chaplain, a Dalmatian dog and a firehouse and the board is made out of handcrafted wood.

Knockoffs are a big deal in the fashion industry. Some are legal and some are not. For fake or counterfeit Handbags, black-market retailers risk jail-time or fining if caught selling fake and counterfeit goods, shoppers get away Scot free.

The bishop is a key piece in the game. The bishop serves as a representative of the priests and members of the church who knew all of the rulers’ secrets. Occupying the top of the hierarchy are the rulers themselves: the queen and her king. Technically, the queen is the piece that has the most power. A player can accomplish more with the queen than with any other chess piece. Just because the queen is important doesn’t mean the player can forget about the king because, if the king is seized, the game ends.

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